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National Tourist Board Accreditation 2019 Coachmans Cottage

Read on for our 2019 VisitEngland Assessment Report in it’s entirety.

Coachmans Cottage VisitEngland Assessment Services Self-Catering Visit Report Summary

STAR RATING 4 STARS Self-Catering 89% Gold Award. VISIT DATE 19 November 2018 Day Assessment. CONTACT Penny Hornsey Proprietor

Coachmans Cottage continues to offer a high standard of comfortable well maintained accommodation for its market. Penny Hornsey, the Proprietor is very much to be commended on the continued maintaining of these standards helping ensure that the property sits very comfortably at the upper end of the Four Star Self Catering rating band. Sectional Consistency scores also again being well met at this level. This year the reconfiguring and refurbishing of the second bedroom greatly enhancing overall guest use and also spacial and quality perceptions. A great achievement and for which the owner is very much to be congratulated. It is also a pleasure to re confirm the Gold Award for another year, reflecting the continued investment along with the care and attention afforded by the Proprietor. It is also understood that the Proprietor feels the current rating and award meets well with the market expectations and business levels catered for and we wish her all the very best for a successful and prosperous conclusion to the year and beyond. Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and great 2019!

Coachmans Cottage Vicarage Lane, Steeple Ashton, NR TROWBRIDGE, Wiltshire, BA14 6HH

Quality Rating How the Overall Quality Rating is Achieved
When VisitEngland assessors visit your property, they will evaluate and give a quality score to all aspects of the accommodation and service.
The total of all these scores establishes an overall percentage score for quality.
Based on this score, establishments will be given an overall quality rating on a scale of One to Five Stars, based on the chart below, as long as all minimum entry requirements for the star rating are met.
34% – 47% 48% – 59% 60% – 74% 75% – 86% 87%-100%
There are five levels of quality ranging from One to Five Stars. To obtain a higher star rating a progressively higher quality and range of services and physical facilities should be provided across all areas with particular emphasis in the following five key areas:
34% – 47% 48% – 59% 60% – 74% 75% – 86% 87%-100%
34% – 47% 48% – 59% 60% – 74% 75% – 86% 87%-100%
60% 61% – 64% 65% – 79% 80% – 89% 90%-100%
34% – 47% 48% – 59% 60% – 74% 75% – 86% 87%-100%
34% – 47% 48% – 59% 60% – 74% 75% – 86% 87%-100%

Coachmans Cottage 89% 4 Star (2% above min. requirement for 5 Stars)

Exterior 80%
Appearance of Buildings/Kerb Appeal 4
Grounds/Gardens/Parking 4
Privacy/Peace & Quiet

Cleanliness 100% 5 Star
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
Living/Dining Areas 5
Kitchen 5

Management & Efficiency 100% 5 Star
Pre-arrival Information 5
Welcome & Arrival Procedure 5
In-unit Guest Info & Personal Touches 5

Public Areas 92% 5 Star
Decoration 5
Flooring 5
Furniture/Furnishings/Fittings 5
Lighting/Heating/Ventilation 4
Space/Comfort/Ease of use 4

Bedrooms  91% 5 Star
Decoration 4
Flooring 5
Furniture/Furnishings/Fittings 4
Lighting/Heating/Ventilation 5
Beds 5
Bedding & Bed Linen 5
Space/Comfort/Ease of use 4

Bathrooms 80% 4 Star
Decoration 4
Flooring 5
Furniture/Fittings/Sanitaryware 4
Lighting/Heating/Ventilation 4
Space/Comfort/Ease of use 3

Kitchen 85% 4 Star
Decoration 4
Flooring 5
Furniture/Furnishings/Fittings 4
Lighting/Heating/Ventilation 4
Electrical & Gas Equipment 4
Crockery/Cutlery/Glassware 5
Kitchenware/Pans/Utensils 5
Space/Comfort/Ease of use 3

Coachmans Cottage Exterior
A peaceful village location within a short distance of Bath and various other conurbations, ideal for exploring the local area and the various places of interest associated with this
A ground floor property that continues to present a very attractive with external brickwork all in very good decorative order.
The various planters on the driveway adding colour and curb appeal to arriving guests.
Guests also benefit from a very well tended out door seating area and well maintained parking.

On this visit, it was once again quite clear that extremely well practised and regimented cleaning and housekeeping procedures are in place. Exemplary levels of cleanliness were noted with surfaces dust free and obvious attention to upper and lower levels clearly evident for which the owner is to be congratulated. It was also excellent to see the attention to “hard to get to” areas, particularly behind bedroom furniture. Sparkling chrome and glass in bathroom is a feature as is the attention to the interior of the kitchen units and cupboards. Hard flooring well swept and cleaned to corners and edges along with carpets all well vacuumed. Again, excellent attention in the Living areas affording arriving guests an excellent initial pristine impression.

Management & Efficiency
Booking and administration procedures are extremely well practised with the owner preferring the personal contact when bookings are made.
Excellent welcome procedures in place with arriving guests afforded a personal welcome and show round of the property. A very well stocked and thoughtful breakfast welcome hamper is also provided along with home made cake and tea tray set up. The use of local produce a great added touch. Some adjustments this year to the ingredients provided due to potential wastage being experienced.
Guests also benefiting from the Proprietors living on site. A wide range of thoughtful personal touches and accessories also remain in place and further enhance overall guest experience. Post cards being a great touch and marketing tool. The introduction of vouchers for stays in the future also a great touch and proving to be well received.
A great array of information on both the cottage and the area sure to also be appreciated by guests.

Public Areas
The living areas continue to present very much as previously seen with professionally applied
paint work in excellent condition and attractive use of wall relief adding to the overall feel and
character of the area. High quality easy seating and occasional items are of a particularly high
standard and in pristine condition. The new window seat and dining cushions adding to the
comfort and appearance. Very good standard of flooring with attractive use of rugs further
enhancing. Well provided for lighting and heating along with the open fire further enhancing
practicality and ambience.

Coachmans Cottage Bedrooms
Bedrooms have again been very well decorated and furnished to the same high standard as the
other areas.
Well applied paint work in very good condition and attractive use of wall relief enhancing further.
Carpets remain in excellent condition, soft underfoot and with no major signs of marking or wear
in high traffic areas. This year the second bedroom has been reconfigured and refurbished with
great thought and consideration, hence the higher scores. Solid furniture is of a very good intrinsic
quality and in very good condition offering ample storage and hanging space. The new dressing
table and fitted wardrobes in the second bedroom greatly enhancing use and spacial perceptions.
The new chair and set of drawers in the wardrobe of the main bedroom again enhancing use.
Beds are of an excellent quality along with pocket sprung mattresses and high quality high thread
count linen to a high standard. Ample provision of well positioned lighting and controllable
heating in place and further enhancing guest comfort. The recent introduction of dressing table
illumination helping to ensure that task lighting is well provided for.

The partially tiled Family bathroom continues to present very well with tiling and grouting all in
pristine condition as is the paint work. Tiled flooring remains in excellent condition, being well
sealed and practical for the area.
Sanitary ware and fittings appear to be in very good order with bath and overhead shower
provided. Ample lighting and heating provided.

Although a little compact in nature, the kitchen continues to be very well appointed with
attractive use of tiled splash backs in place. Tiled flooring of a particularly high standard and is
again practical for the area. Units and work tops remain in very good condition with drawers
running smoothly and offering ample storage and work space. Ample spot lighting in the main
body of the room enhanced with some under unit lighting and hob extraction and illumination. A
very good range and quality of well presented “white goods” and appliances all in very good
order. Plentiful provision of well presented high quality crockery, glassware and cutlery remain in
place. The Royal Worcester particularly fine. Again very good provision of heavy stainless steel
pans and utensils well provided for.
Units Seen Just the one property, Coachmans Cottage advertised and let; and seen on this visit. I was very
kindly accompanied by Penny Hornsey, the Proprietor.

Coachmans Cottage Website Feedback
The web site continues to present very well being both informative and easy to navigate,
continually being updated as required.
Very good use of pictures reflect the style of accommodation on offer along with number of
sleepers accommodated. Excellent to see that the rating logo and Gold award are displayed,
useful marketing tools .Excellent promotion of WiFi on the home page is a great marketing tool.
Tariffs are clearly stated along with special offers. On line availability checker is of great added
benefit to potential guests. Terms and Conditions also being clearly provided along with the pet
policy. Very good to see that contact details are also provided at the top of the home page making
it easier for potential guests to access.
Use of social media sites also helps to broaden web exposure. The floor plan and inventory a great
touch and sure to be appreciated by potential guests. Great information and links on what to do in
the local area, also a great benefit to potential guests and useful marketing tool.
Having the web site mobile app friendly is a great further benefit to guests, particularly those on
the road.

Potential for Improvement
It was quite clear on the day that Penny Hornsey continues to be well on top of the business and
for which she is very much to be commended. It was therefore felt that there was no real need for
any major suggestions, just to continue maintaining current standards to help ensure that market
expectations continue to be met at this level. This clearly being the case and again for which a
great deal of credit should be given.

Ongoing investment is very much to be commended helping ensure that standards are
Exemplary standards of cleanliness continue to be one of the features of the cottage and for
which great credit should be given to Penny Hornsey.
The reconfiguration and refurbishment of the second bedroom along with new furniture items in
the main bedroom greatly enhancing spacial aspects and use for guests. A great improvement and
The provision of a new larger television and USB adapter also a great benefit and very much to be
New window seat and dining cushions in the living areas adding to the comfort and “feel” of this
It is clearly evident that the Proprietor takes great pride in the property, this being reflected in the
overall quality of presentation, and for which great credit should be given.
Coachmans Cottage
Minimum Entry Requirements
For a rating to be awarded by VisitEngland, a property must meet all Minimum Entry
Requirements and any additional requirements appropriate for the star rating level.
Name Coachmans Cottage
Standard Self-Catering
Designator Cottage
Rating 4 Star Gold Award
At the time of our visit, all of the Minimum Entry Requirements and Additional requirements/Key
Requirements were provided.

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