ENGLAND. This Green and Pleasant Land.


Have you ever wondered about the charms of England?

Why is this country loved so much by so many? It probably isn't for the weather on offer!
Each year moves on through the ever changing seasons, with no two years ever quite the same. I cannot imagine England being a country with only one season.


We are a nation of gardeners, proud of our patch, whether it be acres or a pocket size plot.
Every county throughout England has a wealth of widely differing gardens open to the paying public.
The NGS Yellow Book is a wealth of information of private gardens proudly opened by their owners to the public, all to raise funds for charities.

Can you imagine England without roses? The beauty, the variety, and the perfume? Roses of course love the English weather! And  the rose is even our national emblem.


I think that Heritage is our main attraction, with such a wide variety on offer. From the prehistoric Jurassic coastline in Dorset, to the opulence and wealth of the Houses of Parliment, and everything between. You really won't have to travel far where ever you are to find a varied and delightful array of history. And the English do pomp and ceremony so very well, who can resist a Royal occasion?

Tour the countryside. Explore the cities, towns and villages.

From the Somerset Levels, to the Yorkshire Peaks. From the Fenlands of East Anglia to the rugged Coastline of Cornwall. If you are in the Mellow Cotswolds or the Lake District on the Rolling Downs of Wiltshire You WILL be charmed by the beautiful and varied landscapes, all peppered with delighful and historic Villages, Market Towns and Cathedral Cities.


"Food?" I hear you say, "What in England?".

Why yes of course! Who wouldn't want to sample a traditional English Sunday Lunch, with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding; Cornish Cream Tea; Bakewell Tart; Melton Mowbray Pie; Cornish Pasty; Lancashire Hotpot; Wiltshire Ham; Cheddar, Wensleydale or Lincolnshire Poacher Cheeses; and not forgetting Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas?
Every region has it's share of local dishes and delicacies, move around England and savour the varied delights, to suit all pallets.

The English People.

On the whole, you will find the English welcoming, polite, passonate about their country, happy to lend a helping hand where possible. And in some cases somewhat eccentric.

I love England!


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