The Antiques Source and the effects of Covid - 19 on my family and business

Goodness, it's a year since the Covid - 19 pandemic beset the world, the UK and all of us.

Like you we had no idea where it would all lead.

In 15 years of welcoming guests to Coachmans Cottage, 2020 was a first in that we only had 4 nights booked out to guests, and they stayed in the week before the UK went into lock down. Something that none of us had ever dreamed possible in a free country.

We spent much of those early days discovering that insurance companies were not going to honor cancellations related to Covid, despite being lobbied by many industry groups. We helped guests with their claims, 4 successfully, as for the rest we became "the insurers of last resort" and returned payments to guests. 

Over the next few months we made various business plans, all to no avail.

As the Summer rolled on we, being a household of 3 "at risk", decided no more decisions, or bookings, for Coachmans Cottage until Easter 2021.

To be honest, like many of our friends in the hospitality trade, we had an enjoyable break from the pressures of running a holiday cottage through those Spring and Summer months, but it was also a marvelous opportunity to make decisions about, and changes to, the cottage at a leisurely pace.

Not a family to let the grass grown under our feet we began to look to the future.

And a little about my background..........

At around the time of my 10th birthday, my parents, Peter and Jo, became self employed as dealers in antique country furniture, in fact, before that my Grandfather had been a dealer in antique weapons. I was initiated in to this world during school holidays in the late 1960’s at the first Antique Market outside London at Guinea  Lane, in Bath, a Wednesday market. Formerly a night club, but originally, I believe, a converted school. All of the stall holders were a very friendly bunch and happy to put up with “the kid”.
The toilets there were a bit primitive and one day, to my horror, I found a pigeon had fallen through the ventilator and drowned in the loo.............

So, back in the Autumn of 2020 I decided to return to my roots.
I have always loved Antiques, especially wood and also early metal (much to my Mother's horror!), so l started to buy some antiques, with an eye to furnishing Coachmans Cottage.
And so again the "bug has bitten", and I now have a sister website named the, offering a modest amount of antiques for sale and available on-line.

Yes I am thoroughly enjoying the buzz of finding something special or just nice. Peter (Father) loves tidying and polishing pieces up, and Jo (Mother) still has a valuable opinion to offer, but this time The Antiques Source is mine (Penny)!!


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