The UK. Why visit?

One holiday simply won't be enough to see all that the UK has to offer.

The Monachy is the first attraction for many visitors.

Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle head the list for many. But don't forget that the history of the Monachy weaves it's way throughout this land. All of the Stately Homes have Royal connections, as do very many of the lesser known Manor Houses.

Prehistoric Sites. One of The Wonders of the World, and the World Heritage site of Stonehenge is the best known of all.

Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire, is surrounded by a wealth of prehistoric sites, including Long Barrows and Ancient Burial Sites. The lesser known 3 Circles of Stones, Avebury is nearby, as is The Ridgeway, a ridgeway or ancient track, is probably the oldest in England. White horses and hill figures can be seen carved into the chalk downlands in southern England, some of these tracing back to the Celts who first came to Britain in 500BC.

Historic Buildings. The countries making up the UK are densly peppered with magnificant building from all periods.

Westminster in London, Castles, Fortresses, Churches, Monastries, Stately Mansions, Manor Houses, Town Houses, Village Cottages and Hovels. The variety is endless. Many built from local stone, but even the bricks differ according to the local clay available. Whattle and Daub for the earlier examples of dwellings. A true patchwork of history is depicted throughout the cities, towns, villages and countryside.

Spectacular Scenery.

From soaring mountains with spring valleys. To craggy moors and rolling plains, nestling with market towns and villages. The Coastline, we are after all, an Island Nation. Soaring cliffs, small rocky coves and headlands, sand dunes, sandy beaches and tranquil estuaries. We have it all.


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