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Sustainable Tourism at Coachmans Holiday Cottage in Wiltshire

Sustainable Tourism is a well used phrase, but is it a viable concept? We believe so at Coachmans Holiday Cottage in Wiltshire.

Over the years self-catering providers have been strongly encouraged by a substantial number of “bodies” in the industry to…… 1) Add to the Guest “experience”…. and….. 2) To provide more…. and more…. and more.

As Coachmans Cottage is situated in a conservation village with a high number of graded/listed properties, the options open to us to have sustainable tourism at our holiday cottage in Wiltshire are limited……..

But it doesn’t stop us trying in our modest way……

Laundry is done “in-house” allowing us to use fresh air to dry the bed linen whenever possible, and doesn’t it smell wonderful. And no mileage for the laundry service

Bathrobes are waffle as opposed to toweling = less washing loads.

Toiletries are supplied in re-fill bottles, less plastic waste…….how would guests feel about bringing your own in future? So many do now.

All low watt bulbs throughout the cottage.

Digital Radio with mains lead. Electric clock radio/alarm in Master Bedroom. Wind-up alarm clock in Double Bedroom. No batteries used in these 3 items.

The oil-fired boiler (oh dear, not so eco friendly) has been set by an engineer for optimum performance whilst  not wasting precious fuel.

The Breakfast Hamper contains home-made marmalade in re-cycled jars, and milk in glass bottles supplied by our door-step milkman who delivers 3 times a week enabling guests to order more if they like to. We know that many guests like the breakfast goodies but there is often waste, only recently the bread, butter, eggs and milk were all left untouched, such a waste of food resources!

No food/freezer bags provided any more, just a selection of reusable containers.

I am still trying to source an alternative to bin-liners for the kitchen and bathroom………

The easy to use log effect stove is fueled by electric.

To keep the terracotta flower containers in the courtyard filled with colour is a challenge, with plants being replaced regularly, some years more so than other depending on the weather/climate! We support a local grower, Milestone Nursery at nearby Holt, they grow all summer bedding and extended seasons flowers….. but best of all they re-use all of their own plastic containers.

Steeple Ashton now has a garden plastic plant pot recycling station in the village, set up by SAGE (Steeple Ashton Gardeners Endeavours) the village gardening group.

Nematodes used to keep vine weevil and slugs under control, and also spent ground coffee.

Wiltshire has kerbside recycling collection, plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and tins. Also recycled are clothes, shoes and garden waste but this service isn’t available to guests, we take care of the garden and you take old shoes and clothes home with you!

So much of the aforementioned isn’t new to Coachmans Cottage, we have had many of the practices in place for years. But I am sure that as time moves on we will be looking for yet more positives for the future of our planet.

I do wonder how many guests would truly miss the toiletries and breakfast staples which are not of their own choosing?

So if this world matters to you Book your next holiday at Coachmans Cottage, in Wiltshire